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About Susan



HELLO…. God bless you and thank you for coming…

May this “About me” page be that I love my Heavenly Father YAHVEH and His Beloved Son YAHSHUA.

I’m a Christian woman in Australia, who is dedicated to sharing about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Yeshua the Messiah of Israel. This is a prophetic time of restoration of the truth to the Gentiles who have become Christians but know nothing about God’s Love and end times plans for Israel. From the Father’s point of view… we have been called by His mercy and grace to be a part of His people Israel as One Holy People… His Flock… the Bride of Messiah. Natural Israel is being restored and we are to pray for the Jews and Israelite tribes to come into repentance and revival, seeing and accepting Yeshua as their own Jewish Messiah… so that “all Israel shall be saved”.

We are living in VERY prophetic times! As Esther was prepared to go before her King / Husband so are we being prepared by the Holy Spirit for the return of our Beloved King / Bridegroom Yeshua the Christ / Anointed One… the Word of God. We need to know who the LORD is and who our enemies are. We need to know Scripture so that we can rightly judge the heresies and deceptions that are seeking to lead Christians away from the “Faith of Yeshua” … the Hebrew Messiah into the Westernized New Age churches…based in emotional excitement that will just lead to disappointment. God’s Word is sure. Knowing the truth through the prophets and apostles of the LORD makes us spiritually strong and stable in Him… able to face whatever the future holds.

I was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1948 to loving Christian parents who prayed to have a baby girl for 7 years. I was always sick and weak physically but grew up in the Holy Faith of the New Covenant and always felt close to God. My mother gave me home schooling and so I met very few other children until I was about 14. After marrying at 20 and while having two sons I taught Sunday School and went to church every week for years but didn’t know anything about the filling or Baptism of the Holy Spirit until I was nearly 30 years old… which is over 30 years ago. I was thirsting for God in a dry land and did not know where to get help or what else to do… until I saw a TV show with two Christian men who were Pentecostal, (which I’d never heard of) sharing about the Holy Spirit… and they prayed for those watching to be “Baptized in the Holy Spirit”.

That was the beginning of a new experience of God’s Love dwelling within as I prayed “Oh Father fill me with the Holy Spirit!” I instantly felt a warmth in my heart and several days later I woke up without the terrible dark hole of depression and thoughts of suicide that had been encroaching on me for 12 months. Instead there was a “bubbling” feeling inside my chest and I knew it must be “the Holy Spirit will be in you like a well of Living Water springing up within you” that Yeshua / Jesus spoke about happening to those who would receive the Holy Spirit. He said “Won’t your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him”. I felt so blessed and realized Satan had been attacking and trying to destroy me. The Holy Spirit started to speak to my heart, gave me a new love for scripture study and healed me of the life long sickness / suffering from general allergy and bronchitis (which is why I was very thin and ill most of the time)

Many wonderful things started happening after that… I felt spiritually connected to Israel and started to lift up my hands, dance around, kneel down and spontaneously sing unto the Lord. I found my calling was as a prophetic psalmist / songwriter of the Lord’s song… those songs He inspires! I started off playing a timbrel then buying and teaching myself to play a guitar with a chord book. Later added an Omnicord then a harp and an Autoharp. Was involved with some dance and Messianic ministries and then ran a women’s group at my home for several years. Like others learning to walk in the Spirit… I’ve had a lot of disappointments and made mistakes but it is all spiritual testing and training and God has always met most of my needs alone at home through prayer and seeking Him for answers and help, healings etc.

The main thing is to just keep going… being faithful… learning to accept and wait for God to unblock our path, make the way in the wilderness and bring us forth as gold tried in the fire. Without suffering there’s no glory. He knows what we each need to become mature in Christ. As we look back it is easier to see why certain things have happened… though at the time it may have seemed like an endless mess! Usually they are messes of our own doing caused by our immaturity and carnal nature. This is what the process of “sanctification” does. The LORD our shepherd leads us and “restores” our soul (mind, will and emotions) with spiritual healing. Watchman Nee’s book “The Spiritual Man” is excellent to help see how we should be functioning by our spirits not our soul or body.

I pray my music and writings will help encourage other believers into maturity through spiritual growth and holy living… preparing the Bride of Messiah for LORD Yeshua’s coming. I am taught of the Holy Spirit in the Holy Place… to write & sing original songs & prophecies during times of prayer & worship. I found the Bible is a potential Song Book!

“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs… making melody in your hearts to the Lord”

My fellowship and ministry to others is mainly on the internet now… Wherever two or three gather in His Name … He is there with us in a special way. The anointing of the Holy Spirit confirms who are His.

Are there any other women near me on the Gold Coast area of Australia? Please contact me.

May the Most High Bless you all… Keep yourselves pure… come out of the paganized Roman Catholic /apostasy churches and the New World Order matrix world system which is actually the kingdom of Satan on earth. The mystery of iniquity is at work in many forms… all to deceive the masses who don’t know the Truth. Those who have been saved by Yeshua / Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit know they don’t belong here any more… but to the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father which is above… the New Jerusalem. Be wise and keep watching… that’s our destiny for Eternity!

I hope you enjoy this site it’s one of the many websites I’m putting out there as a way to share my faith in Yeshua. May you put your faith in Him too… and do things His way.

My main website and Blog is at… for sharing prophecies, links and articles as the Lord leads. Also please visit my YouTube Channel…

Blessings from Susan

Women may email me at…


God bless you and thanks for coming… Psalmist Susan


2 responses

  1. Maggie

    I enjoyed Susan site so much, thank you Susan

    October 1, 2011 at 9:49 pm

  2. Thank you for coming Maggie! May our Elohim LORD God bless and protect you in the days to come.
    Blessings from Susan.

    October 2, 2011 at 12:46 am

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